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December 2021, was a public-use HTTPS API providing application developers with a homogenous interface to a variety of reputable blockchain projects housed under just one API. We focused on managing individual blockchain nodes for developers while they focus on developing their applications and reaching more users via an expanded range of payment options.


Top Drops

March 2021

The Top Drops website was a real-time notification tool for helping the Top Shots trading community find the best NBA Top Shot deals. It provided dozens of traders with first-row access to over an estimated $250,000 upside in "hot" peer-to-peer market deals during the course of its operation.


Solar Flag Pole Light Redesign

July 2020

Engineering consulting was provided to the seller of a solar-powered flag pole light who received poor product reviews due to failing units. After hands-on troubleshooting of several faulty units, we determined that a serious error in their off-shore electronic designer's circuit led to over-charging of the unit's Lithium-ion battery causing it to bloat and eventually fail. Led by our analysis, the off-shore designer addressed the issue by updating their PCB design.

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